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Coincidental timing perhaps. In the last two weeks, I managed to acquire thread algae in a 30 US gallon aquarium which was doing very well otherwise and is heavily planted. CO2 level is consistent and high, plants pearling. Water clear. Tank maintained well. Dosed with KNO3 and PO4 (Fleet solution). The only change I made just prior to the onset of thread algae was the addition of Tropica Master Grow (TMG). Initially, I added 3ml per week and then increased the level to 3ml twice a week. The increase to twice a week dosing coincided with the appearance of thread algae. Under the higher TMG dosage, thread algae was nice and healthy, proliferating. As I decreased the TMG dosing, the thread algae has been looking less well, finer threads and fewer of them. (I am also adding Flourish Excel at the rate of 10ml a day which may also help in the demise of the thread algae). I should add that NYC water is very soft with little or no carbonate hardness.

On one hand, the TMG dosing gave some excellent results with Rotala sp., in terms of leaf quality and colour. On the other hand, thread algae is not something I wish to see in the aquarium. Perhaps I should develop a new aqua-style, akin to Tony Gomez's 'Algaescape' in which he came to appreciate the art of algae.

Andrew Cribb
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