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yildirim said:
Hello to all,

I have a question that always bothers me. As there is no way for testing K and SO4 in the tank (you may suggest the defficiencies by watching the plants and seeing unused NO3, PO4) you can not tell how much of these are present at the water column. So I would like to know if the excess amounts of these cause any problems or not.

Excessive amounts of any chemicals cause difficulties in aquariums. We need to keep them low but still at sufficient levels for plants.
The relative unavailability of K test kits for hobbyists forced me to find the right K ratio that is taken by plants completely without accumulation in the water column. The Standard Solution SS by PPS has NO3:pO4:K of 0.75:0.25:1.00 ppm. Plants are pretty flexible when dosed daily. Google Luxury Uptake.
In regards to SO4 we don't have to worry too much because it is another essential plant nutrient.

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