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Experimental set-up

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Hi All,

Below is the link to pictures of my previous set-up some 2 years back.

Main plants are:
1) Didiplis diandra
2) Mayaca fluvalitis
3) Alternanthera reineckii
4) Eleocharis acicularis
5) Bolbitis heudelotti
6) Rotala wallichi
7) Tonina sp.
8) Vallisneria spiralis

This is largely an experimental set-up where I wanted to explore the concept of using a dense 'island' of A. reneckii in the middleground surrounded by Eleocharis to create depth.

Though my current set-up differs greatly from this set-up, I will be glad to listen to all comments and queries. Thank you!

Apologises for poor photography. I am not particularly adapt with technology! ;-)
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wow amazing i think u did a great job of getting that effect. any bigger pics?
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