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Experimenting with a new 2 footer

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I bought the experimental tank today, looks pretty good.
Came with heaps of extras, filter, air pump (really power full and quiet with 2 outlets), an expensive auto fish feeder, and other bits and pieces.
I took a walk down to the beach today looking for rocks and drift wood. Their is a storm water pond along the pathway and i saw the perfect piece of drift wood.

Anyhow, i took it home in a wheel borrow as its huge, and cut off the 2 pieces i will use. At the pond it was half submerged and the other half was on the bank.
I was wondering, how i should prepare it before i put it in the tank with live plants and fish ?

I assume when the driftwood is submerged and lots of little bubbles appear on it, it isnt a good thing?
I dried it out today, and tomorrow im going to scrub off all the algae and dirt.
tomorrow im going to get gravel, 100W heater and hopefully a replacement globe.

The filter is an aqua clear model "20" i have another one exactly the same, should i run them both ?
The only writing on the light is "oceanlife Colour Max" its about 23" long, so i guess it about 24watts?
slight reddish colour.

once the water is settled, temp and ph is right im going to buy some Java moss and see if i can get that to grow, should prove some good shelter for the fry, when i transfer them from the hatchery in my main tank to this tank, which they will grow up in.

The pic doesn't give the wood justice, the layout looks a little shabby now, but will be good once gravel and moss is in there.
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Probably cheaper to buy things in pieces. Try get things used from ebay or a local place.
I have found that clear by nutrifin helps with cloudiness. It is advertised as biological water clarifier.
What is the difference between having a regulator with 2 gauges and one with only one gauge ?

I like the look of this one.

Its only .8L about 1.8 pounds, but they say it can last up to 10 months, and filling it would only cost about $15 so even less would be okay.
Geez this stuff is mind bobbling but i think i have it fairly down pact.

*I have found a regulator (Are regulators also known as a controller?
(Ista CO2 counter allows you to accurately view the CO2 discharge)
Bubble Counter?

*Im running HOB filters, so glass diffuser?
Or this (?)

Then i will need co2 proof tubing and a canister,

Speaking of canister what is the best size for money on a tank this small, Ive been searching heaps and found nothing on recommendations.


Journal -
Experiment 1 - diy co2, still pumping, moss has bubbles forming on it, I assume its a good thing? Too much oxygen for the water to absorb

Experiment 2 - groww moss on log
Appears to be growing.

Algae has broken out, its the brown stuff, I assume its the brown species that grows on newly set up tanks and will die off given time? So i will just let it do its thing ?
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Experiment 1 - DIY CO2

Experiment 2 - Grow moss on drift wood.

Experiment one - still going strong, moss has bubbles so must be working.

Experiment two - i removed the wood, but as i seperated the moss i noticed it had started to "cling" to the wood so it would have worked granted i had given it more time.

I put in new wood but still not happy, with post pictures seeking advice, thinking about just using some rocks.

As for the fry, they are doing well, and the one in my main tank is still allive.

PS. have some goodies arriving in the mail shortly.
Brown Algae is going crazy.

This weekend im stripping it down, moving fry to my main tank, hopefully the epidemic has ended.

Whilst its empty i will try and figure out a hard scape as well as painting the stand and hood,
I tried it "rimless" but did not like it.

Oh and one more thing

Pressurized CO2!!!!!
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Woohoo!!! The real business of plants begins!
Should i put a layer of "pot n peat" down under the gravel or not bother ?

Its basically potting mix but with added peat i guess.

Also is there a difference in the type of CO2 you can get?
for example, is there a difference between the stuff used for home brewing and aquarium ?

Also does everyone reccomend Giesemann Globes?
Im going for 1 aquaflora and one midday
Please excuse the dirty Tank.

So i finally have a layout im happy with.
Down the front will be a lawn of glosso, Praying it will grow nice and low.
Just above the rocks will be some Narrow chain swords scattered around, along with 2 or 3 banana lillies.

And up the back will be a mixture of stem plants, mostly Val varieties (Corkscrew around the wood, and thin up the back. Mostly at first i will just experiment with different plants and see what works for me.

As for the back drop i might ditch the poster and use black paper.

So Please tell me what you think, Most of my previous designs had Wayy too much hard scape and no area for growing plants.

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Get this nasty background out of there. 1st- it's salt water. 2nd- it's fake. You can use black fabric, poster board, etc. :rolleyes: (Did I come on too strong????)

I like your idea there. I think it's gonna be nice! You are wise to experiment. It's gonna be fun!!!
Thanks for the tip off about the background, It was just an off cut from a longer length,

No you didnt come on to strong, I like the criticism.

Im now going to fill the co2 bottle!!
Get this nasty background out of there. 1st- it's salt water. 2nd- it's fake. You can use black fabric, poster board, etc. :rolleyes: (Did I come on too strong????)
Oh heck no! Hurricane Katrina was more subtle than that! Tell me what you really think.
Oh heck no! Hurricane Katrina was more subtle than that! Tell me what you really think.
Lol, too funny :D
I like the canopy you have. You'll really like the co2 :)
I managed to do 1 coat of paint on the hood today, the oil based gloss paint is a pain to use, and takes ages to dry.
Still have the frame to do.

I filled the co2 bottle, cost $5. He said he could not fill it up fully, because he had to mount it horizontally instead of vertically like most others and it was not frozen, But for $5 im not complaining.
The amount i have in there should last a while.

I will get some new HO 6700k bulbs this week, the standard ones in the light are just cheap chinese ones.

And i have a shopping list.
Glossostigma (looking for HC but very hard to come by)
3 narrow chain swords (maybe less / more)
Corkscrew Val
1 dwarf blyxa (liked the look of it, thought i may as well give it a go.

All going well, in a fortnight i should be able to start planting.
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Bought some new globes today.
So hopefully i have bought all the hardware i need.

With 2 filters running, i get 200g per hour!
200g = 757L Approx
That means the entire volume of water gets turned over approximately 10 times per hour!

Would i get away with only one HOB? that would mean the water is turned over 5 times per hour?
As i would like to use the filter for a different tank (I know mts is taking over)

Also any tips on removing a rim ?
Major bloody set back, the tank has a huge bloody crack in the base, must have happened when i put it on the ground, whilst gravel was still in side.

Im really pissed off now!
Just 4 days off getting plants and this happens!
Here is the stand and hood finished:
and the crack is repairing nicely.

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After 24 hours the water level has not dropped :)

Will leave it for another 7 or so.
How did you repair a crack? Did you replace the glass pane?
The crack went from edge to edge so it wont go any further

I glued the glass lid over it with silicon then covered all the edges. and heavily covered the bottom of it with more silicon.

Ill post a picture after the test has been completed.

But so far so good.
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