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F/S: petites; C. willisi/lucens; A. barteri nana

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Major prune/thin out/re-planting time for one of the 50's. Here's what's available:

Petite nanas: I will have LOTS of this available. Price is my usual $4 for a 1.5-2 inch rhizome. I will also have a large clump which I would ask in the neighborhood of $50-$60 for. Exact price on the large clump will be determined at the time it comes out of the tank.

Crypt willisi/lucens: 2 plants for a $1. My guess is that there will be in the neighborhood of 20 plants available.

A. barteri nana: I have a large clump in the tank of this - probably about 2 softballs in size. I will cut out one or two rhizomes to replant, the rest will be for sale. Price will be $20 for all the rest, or $5 for each large rhizome(s).

If interested, please pm. I will reply in order of pm and finalize what is being shipped out on Sunday when I have finished with the tank. No payment until I get back with you Sunday.

OK for the fine print: I do have snails, both pond and nerites; the petites have some gsa - keep in mind some of the leaves are 4-5 months old; no cold packs; USPS priority shipping $6 (except for a large A. barteri nana clump which would be $7)US ship only; paypal, cc is ok.

Thanks for looking.
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Bert's anubias are awesome hahaha his whole 50g tank is awesome!
Thanks for the kind words, folks.
I'll take 10 of the willisi/lucens. pm isn't working for me right now (database error). I'll try again later.
Crypts all spoken for.
Update: turns out I have a lot more Crypts than I thought. So I have some more available. Also have petites available. PM if interested.
You're welcome, Chris. It was nice meeting you.
Update: all the Crypts are gone. Lots of petites remain, including a couple of smaller clumps.
Plants arrived today, and all I can say is WOW.

Second time I've had the pleasure of buying your plants. Simply incredible man. Thanks!
Yup Bert has a master green wet thumb. I have received his Adult human head size Nana before and they are the best I have ever seen. He grows some of the best plants on the board. Highly recommend Bert for quality plants.
Thanks Orlando, ingg!
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