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F/S: small starter pack and others

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I have some clippings and left overs I would like to pass on to others.

Package 1 - $8 shipped PENDING
small portion of Fissiden fontanus
handful of Java fern and Windelov - these are the plantlets that grow on the tips of the leaves. I will send the entire leaves and let you remove the plantlets.
2-3 stems each of Hygro 'Sunset' and Hygro polysperma
2-3 stems of Limnophila sessiliflora
1 Crypt wendtii

Other stuff-
Hygrophila sp. 'Low Grow' - $9.00 / 5 stems (1 available) from AaronT
Lobelia cardinalis (small form) 4 stems $4 (1 available) from fordtrannyman
^^ I ordered more than I needed, an example of my eyes being bigger than my tanks, not to mention the plants were bigger than expected also. I'm reselling at the original price to be fair.

I also have 7 stems of Pogostemon stellatus for $6

Shipping on other stuff $6
Paypal or Revo Money ok
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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