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Fan replacement for satellite light fixture?

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I need to replace the fans for my satellite fixture. The fans are 1 ¾" sq and 3/8"wide. Where can I buy some cheap and easy to replace?

Found them at another forum.
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i heard if you get the computer models with more blades and everything that it'll be quieter.
I haven't even looked. Do they have a plug or would splicing and crimping be involved here?
I find fans cheapest on EBay. Got 1 for $5 from overstock. It got loud suddenly after using it for a week. Now looking at some other fans on EBay for $5. What I see have 3 wires. I will be splicing it into a DC adapter that has only 2 wires. What do I do with the 3rd wire?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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