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Faster growth than I thought I would get.

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Ok as some of you know my 5.5 El Natural has been running for about a year now and I have to say that as of late the plants are growing much faster then I had expected they would. I have to do bi-weekly trims or the tank gets over run by stem plants and even then they manage to get two to three inches above the water line. This is amazing growth for a supposed low light tank. It has n 10watt screw in pc bulb. My rotala indica have nice dark pink tops but I have yet to get them to flower when the grow emersed. One stem has been emersed since I set this tank up and still no flower.:(
Even the new white clouds seem very happy and they have only been in there for about two weeks. I have seen some matting behavior from one males and both of the females. I hope to see fry soon.:pray:

The only problem I have with this tank is hair algae issues which I am thinking about getting a few amano shrimp to solve.
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Your tank sounds good to me. As long as your plants are growing so well, I wouldn't worry about a little hair-algae. It's part of natural ecosystems. Of my 3 tanks, only one is totally algae-free.
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