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Every aquascaper (and most aquatic gardeners) have their preferred list of aquatic plants --the species of plant that seems to always make its way into their aquascape designs and plans. This list even seems to change with time. Amano seemed to use Lagarosiphon madagascariensis liberally in his second book, yet none of his recent tanks use this plant anymore.

So what are the preferred plants for your inspiration?


Heteranthera zosterifolia (green filler)
Hemianthus micranthemoides (green filler)
Didiplis diandra (splash of color)
Rotala sp Nanjenshan (green filler)
Anubias barteri v nana (favorite epiphyte)
Bolbitis heudelotii (favorite epiphyte)
Ludwigia sp Cuba (splash of color)
Ludwigia arcuata (splash of color)

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