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Fe calculations off???...

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Perhaps, I am doing something wrong, but if you calculate iron levels using Flourish vs Flourish iron, you get a higher reading from Flourish. According to Seachem's site, Flourish iron is a 1% solution, while Flourish is 0.32%. Unless the stated values at Seachem are wrong, Flourish iron should definitely yield a higher amount than plain Flourish.
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Did this get fixed. When I read the bottle it says 5mL to 50 gallons gives 1ppm. So 2mL to a 20 gallon should give me 1ppm right? The fertilator says .31ppm.

Equation 3: Resulting ppm of a Chemical from a Commercial Solution
(resulting ppm) = The ppm of a chemical (like K, or NO3) in the aquarium after you add an amount of a commercial solution

(ml of commercial solution) = The amount of liquid commercial solution added to the tank
(actual gallons) = Actual gallons of water in the system
( stock percent) = The percent amount of a chemical (like K, or NO3) that is in the commercial solution, in percent of total weight
(resulting ppm) = [(ml of commercial solution) x ( stock percent) x (10)] / [(3.77) x (actual gallons)]

You want to add 4 ml of Flourish Iron to 15 gallons of water. Find the resulting amount of Fe in the water.
(ml of commercial solution) = 4
(actual gallons) = 15
(stock percent) = 1
[(4) x (1) x (10)] / [(3.77) x (15)] = .7073
(resulting ppm) = .7073 ppm of Fe in the water
Whats the 10 for in 4x1x10? If I don't click on the actual gallons option I get the right answer. I think that check box is back wards, because 15 gallons is the actual amount of water in the tank. Or are you supposed to click on the check box if you want it to do the actual gallons conversion. Seems confusing the way its worded. Maybe change it to "calculate actual tank volume".
According to the Fertilator I have to add 500ml of TMG to equal what I get with 7ml of Flourish.

Yeah and the iron from flourish doesn't make sense either. Dose 2 mL of flourish iron which is 1% iron and you get .35 ppm in a 15 gallon tank. Dose 2 mL of flourish which is .32% iron and you get 1.76 ppm?
Fixed in next version.
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