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Hey everyone,
I got some Botia Striata's today, and I have a question about feeding them. I am/wanted to follow this guide to avoid future algae:
I know you aren't supposed to feed your algae eaters for a while so they can eat mostly algae, but I also know that the Botia Striata (Zebra Loach) isn't really much of an algae eater, and that may starve them.
So, would you feed them, or give them a shot with the algae? If feeding is the case, I'm not to worried because I'm sure my flourish Excel and my future Ottos will help me get a better grip of it.
And, for feeding, does this sound good:
- Shrimp Pellets (Daily)
- Frozen Bloodworms (Once-Twice/Week)
- Frozen Brine Shrimp (Once-Twice/Week)
- Cucumber (Once-Twice/Week)
- + Any of the small snails in my tank.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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