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Just thought I would post the Fertilator work plan so that everyone can follow along with the updates and can suggest future features.

In no particular order:
  • Fix CaCl2 calculation; [Done]
    Fix Min/Max values for Ca and Mg; [Done]
    Add K to TMG calculation;
    Add summary of Min/Max values for nutrients; [Done]
    Fix Fe TMG calculation [Done];
    Fix Botanica Phos+ calculation [Done];
    Make Fertilator downloadable by members; [Done]
    Fix missing Ca in CaSO4;
    Fix missing K in KNO3 in Get concentrations from chemicals added;
    Add a list of included chemical compound names with formulas; [Done]
    Add missing Ca in CaSO4;
    Add missing K in KNO3 to Get concentration;
    Add a list of included chemical compound names
That is it so far. Please post a message if we missed something or if you would like us to add something.

This post is constantly updated with progress being made. Items marked "[Done]" will be added to next version.
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