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EI will keep your plants growing like crazy, but dare to neglect the tank for a few weeks. You will learn that the tank is actually not stable at all. But it grows amazing plants.

PPS is a blanket approach and it works very well in already established tanks.

When I have a planted tank (I don't remember when was the last real one I had, haha) I basically gradually, over the course of several weeks, add more and more fertilizers. I start with very small doses and increase them to a point that I deterimine by observing the plants. That way I always have a feel exactly what to adjust if you need. If you have the patience and stay consistent increasing the dosages you end up with an extremely stable tank. You you can leave the tank with no maintenance whatsoever for weeks on end and nothing will go bad. I can let the water evaporate 30% and still have no algae, that is what consider "neglect".

The fertilizers are added in the order described below. The first dose of any fertilizer is just a pinch. Every dose is added during a water change. Water changes and dosing are done about every 4-th day. Every consecutive dose is the same as the previous + about 30% more. You watch the plants and when they start to grow well you level off the dosages - that's the "maintenance dose" that you keep adding forever.

Week 1, 2, 3 - K only
Week 4,5 - K, Mg, Ca
Week 6, 7 - K, Mg, Ca, N
Week 6, 7 - K, Mg, Ca, N, P
Week 8 and up - K, Mg, Ca, N, P, Fe/Traces

Of course one needs to use common sense. Obviously Fe/Traces are added in amounts much smaller than say N or Mg/Ca. Also the order of adding ferts is not written in stone - if the plant leaves are yellow in Week 3 then maybe they need Fe/Traces. If that doesn't help then obviously N and P are the next to add. Also - if you know for sure your tap water has tons of Ca then of course you don't need to add it. And so on.

In the first 4 to 6 months every planted tank is still in the process of establishing itself. That means that it may look amazingly healhty, but if you let it be without care it will develop issues. After these first 4-6 months the tank becomes extremely stable. It's hard to mess it up.

It all takes patience and if you have it you are going to run the tank, not let the tank running you.

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