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Okay to start off I am new to fertilizing. All I presently do and what I have been doing for several years is putting the recommended dose from the product instructions, ex: In my 55 I dose 5.5ml Iron per week after my water change and also the recommended dose of the trace elements. I am using Seachem by the way. I do have C02 and I maintain this by drop checker. I have adequate lighting about 4 watts per gallon. Now my question is. I looked at the Seachem dosing chart and it says I should dose the amount of Iron that I usually do a week, daily, is this going to be okay? Also I have purchase Seachem's Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium should I go ahead and follow the Seachem dosing chart in the Sticky? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My plants use to look a lot better in this tank and after reading a lot of the post, it seems like I may be lacking some of these other key ingredients. For ex: my Red Temple only grows with Red leaves on the top fourth of the plant and the rest of the bottom leaves turn black and fall off.
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Hi Travis...

Not sure about the seachem frequency, however, most dose the dry ingredients as in the long run, it is much cheaper to just mix your own.

PPS Pro is a daily routine where as EI is not.
Hi Travis_Conklin,

You are right, per Seachem Iron is to be dosed daily. I used to use the Seachem Flourish line and had good results but it got expensive. I agree with supersmirky, do yourself a favor and visit the PPS-Pro forum above and read the sticky on dosing per the PPS-Pro method. I get the same good results at a fraction of the cost and it is much, much, simpler.
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