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Well let me admit, I thought this was BS but was sick of green water, over a month now, with no ferts. I removed my pea gravel purchased at a DIY center. Had some kind of nasty chemicals in there, made the fish discolor and sick. I've used pea gravel in the past but must've had a particularly bad batch. Anyway went with blue and black gravel from LFS. This caused one heck of an ammonia spike, off the charts. I had to pull the fish and wait. I figured, a week or two the tank would cycle what with all the plants in it. After 4 weeks it was worse, and seemed to be even worse with a water change. I thought about a diatom filter but don't have the funds there, and I saw this post and thought to myself, yea right lol.

I caught myself one day when I was driving, spotting out willow trees from the road. After a few days of actually noticing I was looking, I said ok, pulled over and snapped a good thick branch off.

In literally 4 days the water was just a bit hazy, after 1 week it is clear as ever, and the branch only has like 1-1.5 in roots on it. SO, long story short, it seems to have more than worked for me.

Very crude photos, from my phone sorry.



again, bad photos i know but gives the basic idea
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