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Hi fellas, been reading this thread with the utmost interest as i've been combating GW for the past 2-3 mths(and getting quite pissed in the

anyway, here's the background of my planted tank:

I'm running a 3x2x1.5ft tank, about 84Lit or 22Gal(US) with an overhead 55W florescent lighting. Previously when i'm using an overhead filter + DIY CO2, i've had no GW problems. But as with DIY CO2, plants growth are slow due to the inefficiency when dissolving the CO2.

Then, i made a switch to a canister filter with proper pressurized CO2+reactor running at 1bps, the CO2 dissolving rate increase tremendously, but within 1 day, the water turned to a cloudy white. At first, i attribute this to the new bacteria cycle due to the new filter system. But as the weeks goes by, the GW got worse, even as i change 50% water weekly.

The ferts i use are Flourish Pottasium, about 3-4ml every 3 days, 1 ppm of DIY KH2PO4 and 5 drops of LUSHGro-MICROSLiquid every water change.

This is the picture of my tank with the GW

It got so bad that not enough light are getting to my plants and my plants are dying. So i did 50% water change daily for the past 5 days and got to this. Hopefully, the plants will be getting enough lights to start growing and build up mass.

Also, i reduced my light from 6 hrs(12-6pm) to 4 hrs(2-6pm). Hopefully, to combat the algae growth.

This is a picture of my filter setup, if it helps.

I am suspecting that the problem might be the natural light the tank got as it is placed right beside the window.

Also, i can't get willow wood here since i stay in the tropics(3 deg north of equator). The only way is to import from temperate regions, which i forsee, will cost a bomb. But i do have lots of mangrove here. But i would like to use that as last resort.

I will update as the days goes by. And hopefully, can get some advise and tips from here.
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