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all i have to say is bravo insert award here______ =) thanks everyone here for your info i'm currently battling cloudy water for about a month now it gets cloudy during the evening more so today is day one of willow branches in the tank , ill take before and after photos and post parameters of the start date and the end date thx all again sincerely Doc Mason

Start date water parameters and photo

Tank size 25 gal

Nitrate/NO3 ==0-5 ppm

Nitrite/NO2 ==.3

Ammonia/NH3 & NH4 ==0

pH ==7.0

kH ==5 degrees

gH ==180

Carbon source ==DIY cO2 1 gallon jug @ 1bblps @ 15 ppm

Phosphate/PO4 ==0

Iron/Fe ==0-0.1

Ave Temp. ==79F

Filtration ==HOB whisper 400 series filter no carbon

Light ==Coralife 65w 50/50,10k bulb on for about 12 hours a day also recieves some natural sunlight early morning approx. 6-8 am

No special substrate,river sand

Ferts ==Seachem flourish, flourish tabs

about 20 in of fish so a nice heafty bioload

I do 20% wc every 3-5 days or sooner depending on tests also i use a hagen master test kit liquid reagents used to test water

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