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I ve had a GW problem in an established tank after the tank had been moved to another city and then discovered one of the roots in the tank started to rot. It innocentluy started as a bacterial bloom, so I did a lot a WC and siphoning to reduce ammonia. My water wasnt even green, just blurry...

Then I read an article on>

In The Ecology of the Planted Aquarium, Diana Walstad reports the test results of A. P. Fitzgerald, who compared guppy tanks with and without Pithophora under 24/7 lighting, and found that the tanks without Pithophora turned green in a week, while those with Pithophora remained clear through a month's trial, even when phosphate and nitrate levels remained high. My own experience is utterly unscientific, but I find that tanks with some Pithophora are especially free of other kinds of more troublesome algae.

And the I opened DWs book again and dropped two little marimos in my tank.. The water is visibly clearing out with every WC. It seems to me that marimos stopped the GW, and not killied it. It dont believe this is just a coincidence. Has anyone else tried this?

P.S. i believe GDA also disappeared, it was present in traces over the front glass.. I havent changed my Mg dosing at all.
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