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I posted this on another green algae topic a few days ago:

Salicylic acid is an algaecide. It works by blocking the Phosphate from use by the algae. The reason it works best when the willow begins rooting is because the roots are where the Salicylic acid resides.

So, I have a tank that I inoculated with spirulina last night. By this morning the water was a lovely green color. I am going to experiment by putting two plain, 400mg aspirin (40 Gallon) in the tank along with a teaspoon of Bicarbonate (to rebalance the ph) to test the effect.

Most of the plants are rather plain stem-cuttings that I am not particularly worried about losing.

There are no fish or inverts in the tank and it is running a 300gph powerhead with an 8x4x4 pond sponge.

I'll post pics if someone has an interest in how it's going.

Update: Dissolved 800mg Bayer plain aspirin with bicarbonate of soda (stomach protecting) in half cup of warm water - added it a little at a time over an hours period and 2 days later the tank was clear.
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