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Filter flow for 20 Gallon

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My Filter (Penguin 170) doesn't provide enough current in my 20 gallon high planted tank. If I lower the water level I lose CO2 so I was thinking about adding a small powerhead. Any suggestions? I have some cories, and 3 neon tetras and 3 zebra danios in there right now but will either add more neons or remove them and get another schooling fish. I don't want a lot of current but the water in the tank is barely moving and debris is setteling on the bottom.
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I don't understand why you are not getting enough currant with a Penquin 170 on a 20G high tank. I use a Penquin Mini on my 20G high tank and get so much currant that I have to keep the flow rate turned downed. Some debris is going to seattle on the bottom and can be easily removed during weekly water changes.
I cant adjust the flow on my filter. I didn't think it was possible on models smaller than 330. Maybe I need to tear it down and clean it thoroughly.
On my Mini and 330 the flow rate adjust the same way, by pulling up on the intake tube it slows the flow down and by pushing down the intake tube increases the flow.
OK I got ya on the flow adj. WHere do you put your filter? Corner or in the center?
Both of mine are near the corner of the tanks. However I don't think it matters that much unless you have plants directly underneath that do not like a lot of currant.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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