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Filter Question.

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Hello guys

Tank size: 55 gal

I have a rena xp1 filer and the original one that came with my tank. The original looks like the penguin 330, but it doesnt have those bio-wheels and the intake is bigger

which one would be better to use???
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Cartridge style filters are very inefficient, and I would not bother running one (or more) on this large a tank.

Filtration is much more efficient when the water flows through a thick mass of media such as the tall stack common to most canisters, and the thick Aquaclear sponges.

I have several tanks roughly this size range (40, 45, 50, 52) and I have generally found Rena XP3 to be a good canister, or the Aquaclear 110 to be the best hang on back filter. Either will do a good job of removing debris from the tank.

I have the Penguin 330, and it does not do a very good job of removing debris, but does move the water very well.
I have run many of the Fluval *04 series. They were good when new, but are now having problems, and are not worth buying replacement parts.
I have several Ehiem Ecco series and find them underpowered. They do not remove the debris.

If you decide to use 2 filters you can alternate the cleaning to minimize the disturbance to the nitrifying bacteria. This is also a very easy way to start a new tank: Simply move one of the cycled filters and some of the fish to the new tank.

Instead of using 2 filters you might find that one filter is enough for debris removal, and add a powerhead for more water movement. I am quite impressed by the Koralia series. I have several of the #4 (1200 gph) power heads set rather low in the tank. They move a certain amount of the debris out of slow moving areas so the filter can pick it up.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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