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Filter Question.

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Hello guys

Tank size: 55 gal

I have a rena xp1 filer and the original one that came with my tank. The original looks like the penguin 330, but it doesnt have those bio-wheels and the intake is bigger

which one would be better to use???
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Not trying to whore your thread but I have a follow up question..

I have a 75 gal tanke I was given with two pumps that hang on the back of the tank. They take the cartrige type filter and I was told each one will do 30 gal. They seem to do an ok job but it does not take long for my filters to clog up and they seem to just trickle the water out instead of a good flow.

I am always making sure they and running well. What is going on with my filters?

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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