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Hey guys. Just wanted to share that I finally found a group of F1 juvie Taeniacara candidi from a guy in Michigan. I'm geeked! I've been wanting these fish for some time.

I'll post pics when I can get them. I bought them small to ensure I got them when they were available, so they are hard to photograph. Here's a google pic:

In case you're wondering their care is a lot like rarer apistos. (specific water params and special attention to tankmates is the difficulty.)

I also bought 4 Apistogramma borellii, a fish I've spawned before but absolutely love:

another googled pic:

And I bought a pair of an undescribed apisto; A. sp. "Wilhelmi"

googled pic:

I had a great experience with the guy, Brad, and if you're interested in some dwarfies, I think he's a good source and a really nice guy. Shipped them perfectly too. PM me and I'll give you his email. I don't want to post it publicly.

I'll try to update with progess of the candidi. :)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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