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7 gal bowl
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Hi! I'm back...
We finally moved. I've been talking about this move for a year on here.

This is the last photo of the bowl before we moved. This is from October 2022.

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I ended up tossing a lot of my plants because they were infested with the stringy algae... During the time between the move and the remaking of the aquarium, I kept the plants and snails in a plastic container and basically everything reproduced in there. The snails, the plants, the algae... I got rid of the last small piece of driftwood.

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the salvinia, which I had struggled a lot with, started making a comeback in there

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I went to the store to get more gravel and ended up getting one new plant because I couldn't resist, and the lady there gifted me a little transparent shrimp

World Fixture Gas Art Circle

This is us now. Anyway, I'm super worried because almost none of the snails are moving.

The new soil isn't "new"'s black soil from a potted plant I used to have (moved it to a big planter)... then the layer of gravel with the gravel I had leftover from before and new gravel that I washed. Carefully I picked alllllll of the stringy algae from the plants (ended up tossing lots of the plants) and in fact my vallisnera is all little sprouts now... and bEcAuSe I dOn'T hAvE fIsH, I filled completely with water directly from a hose. I did keep the one nerite I have and the new shrimp outside in a cup to give the chlorine a chance to evaporate, and I conservatively dosed the water with iron.
Then I introduced the nerite and the shrimp after 14 hours. I know it's supposed to be more but I don't have much patience atm.
Last night I dropped some betta food (the fancy black fly kind, because I've misplaced the cheap kind in the move) in there because I worried the new gravel was too clean.

The shrimp seems to be doing fine, not all over the place, but ok, but the nerite is immobile. He does rest for long whiles so I don't usually worry, but he's near the surface of the water for many days now and only turns around like every other day. My main concern for the aquarium is because the ramshorn snails seem to be "paused". ... no movement. Like, open, with antennae out, and if I touch them they flinch. The fishfood is untouched.
I've taken photos and timelapse video to see if they change positions but nothing.
Some of the MTS seem to be ok... but lots are just there.
Did I hurt them with the chlorine water?
I thought maybe the soil was bad? I tested the water for normal parameters, PH, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, and everything is fine.
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uneaten food on the big leaf
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Should I just give it more time lmao

Happy new years to all of you and thank you so much for your time and advice if you have any.


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