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I think you pretty much hit on the least expensive components that will get the job done. The one thing with JBJ and Azoo regulators is that there is no control knob to adjust flow. It's preset at the factory and you can only adjust via the needlevalve. I have found this difficult to do with the Azoo I don't know about the JBJ. The Milwaukee has a control knob that you can adjust in addition to the needle valve. I have 7 milwaukee regulators since I started pressurized co2 years ago and all of them are still in operation. If you choose the milwaukee read the directions carefullly and you'll be fine. I would also stay away from regulators that don't have attached needlevalves and bubble counters. It just creates more areas for leaks between the cylinder and the tank IMO.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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