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Hey everyone,

This will be my second thread. I have been trying my DIY CO2 (2L Bottles) for my 30g tank, and so far it's been bubbling like crazy. I also have been reading like crazy to understand all these Planted Aquarium techniques, equipments, etc... I've decided that I will get a compressed CO2 system where I can regulate my CO2 in the tank.

I have found the cheapest (so far) for these :

Milwaukee CO2 Regulator-needle valve, solenoid valve, bubble counter $75.97
5 lbs co2 canister with brass valve $53.99
Boyu co2 diffusor $19.99

Is that the cheapest out there?? Any recommendations or pointers to places/stores that sells cheaper than that, would be much appreciated. Of course we have our FOR SALE Section, but it's used and once in a while someone gives up their equipments-while I want mine some time in the near future.

I apologize if this have been talked about in here already, I'm still a newb. Please direct me if there is such a thread. Thanks!

*Flame Suit On!*

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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