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Eh, i bet ill get more hits in the Aquascaping section since this is truly about aquascaping.. Mods feel free to delete my other thread... Sorry, newb mistake [smilie=u:

Hey guys i'm new to this forum and somewhat new to planting tanks. i have a low-tech 20g that has some low light plants and a 5.5 gallon i hope to fully plant to house some indian dwarf puffers.

here are some specs

5.5 gallon AGA tank
25W Hagen Mini elite heater
5-15g Filter
Eco-complete substrate
DIY CO2 (diffuser ordered, have the hose in my filter intake for now)
26Watt CF light soon to be replaced by a 27W 6500K Hampton bay desk lamp

5ish stems of Rotala
1 Anubias
4 stems of moneywort
1 crypt
1 bunch of java moss

2 chubby oto cats
1 crowntail betta (saved him from walmat :p)
2 Ghost shrimp
2 Pond snails

My aspirations for this tank are to fully plant the left and right side. make a nice forest of rotala rotun., ludwigia arc. , and mayaca. i have a couple of these plants coming in the mail so i should be planting soon. I have a betta in there now, but he will be re-homed in another 5.5 gallon once i know my LFS can order the DP's.

Can anyone give me advice on how to plant it to make it grow thick? where to place plants, hardscape, all that jazz. Thanks a lot guys :)

Sorry for the crappy pic :( idk how to tweak all of the settings. i swear ill figure it out..

betta looks adventurous? :D

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What betta? :eyebrows:
Plant each stem about 1/4" apart. When they begin to reach the top, trim them about 1/2 the way down. That will make each stem branch out. Replant the tops. You'll be well on your way! :D

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tied the java moss to my driftwood. look better? one rotala stem is doing a loop trying to find the light lol

one of my busy little cleaners

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