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Hey guys i'm new to this forum and somewhat new to planting tanks. i have a low-tech 20g that has some low light plants and a 5.5 gallon i hope to fully plant to house some indian dwarf puffers.

here are some specs

5.5 gallon AGA tank
25W Hagen Mini elite heater
5-15g Filter
Eco-complete substrate
DIY CO2 (diffuser ordered, have the hose in my filter intake for now)
26Watt CF light soon to be replaced by a 27W 6500K Hampton bay desk lamp

5ish stems of Rotala
1 Anubias
4 stems of moneywort
1 crypt
1 bunch of java moss

2 chubby oto cats
1 crowntail betta (saved him from walmat :p)
2 Ghost shrimp
2 Pond snails

My aspirations for this tank are to fully plant the left and right side. make a nice forest of rotala rotun., ludwigia arc. , and mayaca. i have a couple of these plants coming in the mail so i should be planting soon. I have a betta in there now, but he will be re-homed in another 5.5 gallon once i know my LFS can order the DP's

So, i was wondering if anyone had some advise on how to plant it so it creates a dense forest, what plants, the best ferts, all the basics. and can someone tell me how much light i have? i know i cant use the WPG rule for a tank this small.. whats the lowest wattage that would put me in the Med-high range? thanks in advance i know i have a lot of questions!!

Sorry for the crappy pic :( idk how to tweak all of the settings.

betta looks adventurous? :D

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I'm not sure adding the Otos was a good idea, but it looks nice so far. I'd be worried about the HOB type filter driving off your CO2. For a tank that size, you might think about using Excel instead of CO2.
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