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First ever nano project

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This is a 2.5 gallon glass aquarium, and it is my first ever try at a nano.

and this is what you don't want to see after taking the rims off...

so I had to leave the bottom ring on (well...kind of.) this is what it looks like with the bottom rim on.

Today I finally found a place that sells 3M colorquartz...too bad it is only sold in 50 lb bags! so I only used about 2 or 3 pounds of the stuff. leaves more for other tanks in the future right?

here is what it looks like with everything finished.

I am in the middle of making a canister filter and a light fixture. all together I will end up having 16 watts over it. if not enough, I can go up to 24 watts. But that is all the fixture I am making will hold and still be be at the edge of the water. The bulbs are T5 at 12".

if the tank happens to spring a leak, I think I am just going to tear the aquarium apart, and position the glass where it is supposed to be, and silicone it correctly.

!ny advice, or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.
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gasteriaphile: Try adding more water so it touches the bottom of the filter output. Less surface disturbance = more CO2 for the plants. Maybe get better lighting too, but first just raise the water level a bit.
gasteriaphile: Try adding more water so it touches the bottom of the filter output. Less surface disturbance = more CO2 for the plants. Maybe get better lighting too, but first just raise the water level a bit.
Hi Chris and thanks for your input. The water level is as it is because on the side of the filter, Finnex has a water level indicated for the tank. So I am going with what the equipment says for me to do. The whole setup is Finnex - they're sweet little setups, esp. for the betta enthusiast, but as y'all know, little aquaria are tough to get balanced. Mine is all out of whack and I'm going to completely re-do it. Breck
ok, time for another update!

I took out all of the Rotala because it was growing all over the place. (over the the other side of the aquarium and out of the water) so I decided to pull up some of the dying B. Japonica plants from my 50 gallon and try them in here. it may be a little crowded but in a month or two I think it'll look amazing. (or I hope it will at least!!) here are some photographs of it as of 15 min, ago.

oh and I found a lone flatworm...wonderful, and here I thought I was keeping the water nice and clean to prevent another outbreak. I'll have to start doing more frequent and smaller water changes to keep them from coming back again.

Sorry about the first photographs quality, I'll have to replace it tomorrow when i get the camera out again...not sure why it was so different from the others. (all taken with low ISO -80 so it should not have been so noisy...)
hope you enjoy!
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Ok, here is another update...for a rather out of date thread!

the UG will be coming out eventually as the HC encroaches on its space.
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Wouu, i like very much this nano. Well done...
I've been watching this thread for a while. it's growing out really nicely. I like how you've limited your selections.
I like how the tank has progressed, would you be able to get a couple more shots of the cannister filter, very interested.

Yeah I made a DIY section on here and the planted tank. here are the links.


The only difference being the photographs.
Dang, how did I miss those write-ups? Thanks a lot!
Awesome looking nano, keeping asking myself "Why can't I get my 5G looking this good?" haha.

What kind of moss is that in the front?
Thank you BenBomb! The Moss is Weeping moss or so I was told.

Thanks Jay973, I'm glad you both like it. My first 99% successful Aquascape in my opinion. Though my endlers both jumped out a few nights ago and have since replaced them...
I just looked back at your post from February...What's the deal with flat worms? Are they basically anchor worms or what? Will the fish eat them?
catfishbi: I made my own light fixture. At homedepot they sell 12" Under cabinet T5 fixtures for $10.00 USD each. I don't have a full DIY for it so I'll just post the photographs here.

This is the metal I started with.

The viewable portion.

the light not turned on. (before I added a second ballast)

The two ballasts running at a total of 16 watts bringing my WPG to 8.

Chris: They are plenaria, a flat worm that is supposedly not parasitic and the fish will eat them. They have since vanished from my aquariums. They have only showed up in tanks with shrimp. it may be due to the added waste they produce.
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Wouldn't it be cheaper to get regular screw-in bulb ballast and then use CFL spiral bulbs?
Yes, but T5's are 100% better than the CF screw in bulbs in my opinion at least. Plus...I had a lot of fun designing the light. ;)
I'm sure it was fun, I just don't understand how they are any better, if anything they are fully the same except CFL bulbs use less watts.
Your tank looks so nice. Great 1st nano! Love your light. The metal is terrific!
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