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First ever nano project

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This is a 2.5 gallon glass aquarium, and it is my first ever try at a nano.

and this is what you don't want to see after taking the rims off...

so I had to leave the bottom ring on (well...kind of.) this is what it looks like with the bottom rim on.

Today I finally found a place that sells 3M colorquartz...too bad it is only sold in 50 lb bags! so I only used about 2 or 3 pounds of the stuff. leaves more for other tanks in the future right?

here is what it looks like with everything finished.

I am in the middle of making a canister filter and a light fixture. all together I will end up having 16 watts over it. if not enough, I can go up to 24 watts. But that is all the fixture I am making will hold and still be be at the edge of the water. The bulbs are T5 at 12".

if the tank happens to spring a leak, I think I am just going to tear the aquarium apart, and position the glass where it is supposed to be, and silicone it correctly.

!ny advice, or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.
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I'm sure it was fun, I just don't understand how they are any better, if anything they are fully the same except CFL bulbs use less watts.
CFL's are more of a spotlight effect, where as T5's are more uniform.
With the style of my light fixture I made it would be hard to fit two large CFL's in there.
The wattage would actually be more because I'd have to buy two of the lowest wattage CFL's which I think is 13 watts each bringing it to the total to 26 watts.
Well I guess it does depend on your size of tank, which I didn't really think of.

I have a 5G and I use two CFL lights, but thats 30W over a 5G.

Nevermind, I guess it depends on tank size lmfao.
Lol, yeah it does...I'm glad I don't have to worry about the size of my aquariums. being 2 gallons up to 75 gallons. ;)
I am sad that my Blyxa Japonica is not growing much except for roots. here is the recent photograph

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Sorry Tex Gal, I missed your post!

Thank you very much for the compliment! I fell in love with the metal and needed to do something with it. Thank you.
Looking good, HC carpet is in nicely.

You should get some kind of plant that is tall and put it in the back right and let it grow over the top.
Thank you,

I was anticipating/hoping that the Blyxa Japonica would grow to the top of the water. which it should eventually... it is only 5" from the base of the Japonica to the rim...:D I am dosing N, P and K now so they should grow nicely, hopefully.

Now that there are no more spider webs taking over the light fixture, I am having a plague of smaller flying bugs drowning in the water...
I'm sure you can find some small fish to take care of those bugs?
which brings me to another problem...I have a single piece of brass in my filter that I still can not find a replacement for (that is not expensive to buy and ship). So I can not have fish/shrimp in there very long before they die...
what filter are you using that has brass in it?
I made it myself actually. the problem was that I was not aware of the fact that brass is made from copper...
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