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first low tech

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this is my first low tech tank tell me what you think

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I can't tell from the picture, are the Anubias rhizomes above the gravel? You can plant the roots but the rhizomes have a tendency to rot when covered. I find it easier to tie them to wood or a small piece of rock so they don't accidentally get buried.

I'd add some fast growing stem plants or floating plants since it looks like you have exclusively slow growing plants. Fast growers will help keep algae at bay.

The basic layout looks good and I like the way you've placed your driftwood. The moss will attach better if you tie it down snuggly in a thin layer.
i'll put some hornwort in if algae comes. the riszomes arn't burred this is going to be a shrimp tank so i'm just letting it kinda grow as it does haha
The shrimp will love the moss masses so that sounds like a good plan. My shrimp enjoy hunting through hornwort just as much as they do with the moss so you might what to stick some in there anyway. What type of shrimp?
i need some help thinking of what type of shrimp i should get yellows or dark greens
Either one would be cool. I think I'd go for the yellow since the green would be harder to see when in/on plants.
If you're thinking shrimp I would totally go with CRS or some sulawesi.... make it really worth it.
I hate to be jumping to conclusions, so please pardon my foot in mouth if that's the case. By the look of your tank, you are relatively new to this. I'd steer clear of crystal shrimp and go with cherries if you want to do inverts. They are much hardier IMO, and there would be much less out of pocket in the event something bad happened. You should sit back and look at your tank. Get a feel for the plants you have to work with and see what you can do about making some sort of cohesive flow. A tank with plants is cute, an aquascape is always amazing. A low tech tank does not have to be without the style of a higher dollar tank, you just need to be savvy about what looks good. Arrange with a focal point. Get the anubias and java moss out of the gravel and onto a piece of driftwood; and please please please get that sponge filter tucked behind that big stand in the back corner. Those three things will do worlds for taking you from a planted tank to an aquascape.
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hahahaha i put this together with just some thing i had around. here is my rcs tank i have 2 berried and 5 saddled seems like every day one more is saddled.

i will be useing ro water only on this tank so no sulawesi i think i'm going to do yellows and blue tigers but i'm going to try tigers in my rcs tank so i get no cross breeding.

i've been on TPT for like 5 months
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Like I said, my humblest apologies for my foot being planted squarely in my mouth.
it's ok i don't mind. i've only got like 5 posts on here i understand
This looks great! I was wondering what the fish are, they're certainly eye-catching.
there a dwarf rasbora borara thi think?
if i up the lighting and dose excel and flourish do i have to do co2?
if i up the lighting and dose excel and flourish do i have to do co2?
I didn't see your tank specs: size, substrate, current lighting, potential lighting, . . . that are important to know in order to make an intelligent answer to your question. For a small tank excel is usually enough of a carbon source unless you really stuff the light on the tank. Are you planning on using the entire Flourish line? What exactly were you planning to dose?
excel and flourish comprehensive i would shoot for 2 watts gallon and i have minralized mud under the gravel but i don't want stems just mosses and java and Anubis
How big is your tank? What type of light (compact fluorescent, T5, spiral fluorescent, etc) and what type of reflector? For a small tank (under 20 gallons or so) watts per gallon isn't particularly helpful for figuring out light levels. That said, the plants you want are quite easy and will accept low light levels.
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