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First Nano attempt ever

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Well, I found a nice and cheap vase in a General store that liked and immediately have a vision for a nano aquarium remembering that I have some left over of hardwood moldings around there and without any knowledge about nanos I decided to go for it and give it a try, so very recently I got this setup after working the wood moldings to have its stand and hood, I haven't finished with the hood as I want to integrate a christmas light on top on it that by now I just placed it there. I did some try outs with one battery led light (3 leds) that I have but didn't like it. Here are some pictures. May be you can give ideas about lighting for it. I place it next to a flute glassware so there is a size reference and of course drink enjoyment during the photo session ;), it is about 0.2 Gals.

You can notice there is a tubing with a needle,this is a CO2 diffusor for CO2, I placed a mini DIY CO2 underneath its base that is generating CO2. (Not very efficient, but there are some bubbles maybe not needed but I added for fun :) )

The hood is just an open frame and I could've place just a stand alone lamp over it, however I wanted to have a stand alone mini aquarium :D so I got this christmas light instead taking avantage of my wife being distracted.

I had a cherry shrimp and a couple of neon tetras but I took them off here because the shrimp died :(, I wont try any livestock anymore until I see that I can make the plants survive in this little thing. Any suggestion and advice very welcome.
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Thanks for your comments and the links....good reference to choose from...thanks
What plant species are in here? I count at least 4
These are the ones;
Rotalla Wallichii
Rotalla macandra
Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae)
Dwarf Sabulata

Aussie_hippie_2 said:
Strange angle on that glass. Pretty neat.
Thanks. It takes a few champers to straight it up ;) as you slant. :D

elwaine said:
I had too much to drink 'cause it took a while for me to realize it was the tank, and not me, that was slanted.
There you go....:D
elwaine said:
you may want to re-think adding fish in such a small container, although RCS should do just fine once your ammonia and Nitrites are down to zero.
you are totally right about this, so I am holding to stablish the tank first before trying any critter again.
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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