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first pearling!

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Since I will be tearing down my 26gal when I move, I decided to use it as a "test bed" until it is dismantled. This has been set up for a while, but currently contains only a few plants (sorry, haven't got all the names handy) and tons of algae.

So this past weekend I started injecting CO2 using the "Nyberg" yeast recipe, and wow, lots of bubbles! Then I read some more and added baking soda to increase the KH, and yesterday I noticed that many of the leaves on my poor plants had "pearling." :eek: The neatest was watching one leaf in particular (Hygrophila corymbosa, I think), as the bubbles were actively growing, floating to the top, and forming again. Very neat!

I am looking forward to rebuilding my tank to take advantage of the many new ideas I have picked up lately. :D

If science teachers had good planted aquariums in their classrooms, I bet a lot more kids would be interested in science...
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I remember the first time my plants pearled....its great isnt it!
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