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Alright People,

I have a old 3.6gal tank laying about, i fort id put it to some use.
It will be my first proper fully planted nano, its going to be home to only shrimp.

the dimensions are 16x8x8 inch, basic clear glass open top.

i would like to grow carpet plants such as

glosso (glossotigma elatinides)
Dwarf hair grass (Eleocharis acicularis)
ricci$a (riccia fluitans) on some drift wood


light unit.

I've found a clip-on-side style light, a compact T5 & led unit. 24w .thats just under 16 inch. But it doesn't tell me the kalvin , just the wattage. plus the light bulbs there self, are moulded in the units .There £20 from aquatics online..

i think the nano will work out at 5wpg. which is useless with out knowing the kalvin ?

does some 1 know of a same light unit but with a removeable light ?


I'm going to use eco complete, 1.5-2 inches for medium rooting plants.?


fluval hob (smallest one) whats the best media for a planted tank.


sugar/yeast Co2 into custom defuser built into custom spray bar.( if this would work)


was going to trys all in one liquid type ferts but, i think dry fert would be better in long run.

if i have missed anything out,or these anythink i can improve please message back n ill reply
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