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First Planted Tank

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So this is my first planted tank (dunno if it can be considered aquascaping lol): you guys feel free to criticize, its my 1st so i really need some tips.

Tank water volume: 55 gallon
2. Tank lighting : 5x30W
3. Tank filtration: Sera Fil 1300
4. Tank substrate: Sera Depot + river gravel
5. Plants: anubias, echinodorus, hygrophilas, brasiliensis and dunno the name of others
6. Fish: angelfish, platys, mollys and pleco
7. Test kits used (brand and type): Sera PH and KH
8. Fertilization regimen (include products used): Waiting for nutrients to arrive to make PPS, right now using Tropica Master Grow
9. Do you CO2? Yeah, home made
10. Water change routine: Weekly
11. How long has the tank been set up? Since Sept 2004

And thats it.
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I love all the large anubias(?) on the left! Although I personally think you need something to tie the two seperate sides together.
Hi Sir,

Yup, those are Anubias; what would ya suggest to tie up those sides? Plants, rocks or driftwood? I was thinking in those plants that give a bush effect, what ya think ?

Thanks in advance
I dont know....maybe spreading out your foreground plants not that great an aquascaper myself so maybe Carlos or someone will chime in here.
Looks like a classic concave layout. I don't see too much wrong with it other than the fact that the sword plants (Echinodorus) in the upper right hand corner will eventually get far too large for this tank.

I am not sure if you are planning to cover the entire substrate with foreground plantings? Because the Lilaeopsis piled into the midground of the left side will spread readily into the foreground and ruin the "open gravel" effect.

Personally, I would try contrasting the large, ovate leaved Anubias with some taller grassy plants (Vals, Sagittaria) to replace those soon-to-be-gigantic swords.


Once again, ty for all the help and congrats on the great site :)

Ill take your advise and check out the echinodorus grow; if so ill talk too LFS and change it for some Sag. My idea was really too make those lilaeopsis spread out to get a grass effect (dunno if its gonna stay ok or not at all).

Best Regards
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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