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hi its gonna be my first attempt on a planted tank its a 10 gal, if you see any faults in this dont be scared to say as i need all the help i can get along with advise.

taxiphyllum barbieri
eleocharis acicularis
sagittaria subulata
vesicularia ferriei
lemna minor

*cheap filter* for water movement
*diy co2* if needed
100w heater
branchy piece of bogwood
few nice stones

5 tetras or white clouds

i was thinking could i use like a desktop light or clip on spot light with a high wattage(100-200)bulb or two.i am going to use peat and that planting gravel thing but will plant tabs and liquid ferts be needed sorry for all the questions but its my first attempt. also any advise and help would be greatly appreciated trying to stop the cost going through the roof as im only 14 thnx
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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