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What would "real iron deficiency" look like?
For my salvinia it mostly looked like stunted growth. I can tell how well they're doing based on their growth speed and root development. When they lacked iron it didn't look like the deficiency charts online, they just didn't grow. The roots looked a bit gnarled and the leaves stayed very small. When I started dosing iron the roots really started shooting out and the leaves got at least 3x bigger.

I suppose it's not exactly a "purist", but then, I suppose that was discounted when I started adding wonder shells for water hardness and dechlorinator to condition the tap water. It's not like I'm on a regimen exactly - I just throw some iron in when the floaters slow down and stop when they look good.

When I got rid of the pumps, filters, bubblers etc from my tanks last year, I wasn't sure that my new system would work for my guppy breeding and rearing tanks. But it did, even better than I predicted!
On my newest tank I am using a bubbler to keep the oxygen levels up. I have a lot of fish and plants in there and I worry they will start suffocating at night without it. Did you have any issues with this when you removed the aeration?
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