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I've had my 75 gallon heavily-planted tank operational now for 3 years, and over the last few months, my rainbows, cherry barbs, and killies are getting sick all the time. Usually bacteria. I lost two killies to bloated bodies, scales sticking out, loss of color. My male boesmani's have "mouth fungus" the bacteria infection. A little red splotching on the yellow area and the stringy stuff coming from their lips. Bosemanis are still eating.

I have narrowed it down to a few possibilities...

PH spikes on 50% water changes (tap is 7.8ish and CO2 injected water is 6.8ish)

Low oxygen levels

Nitrate levels

How can I verify any of these things? I have changed my routine over the last 3 months, so I'm guessing my routine is hard on them.

New routine:
PH Issue: water change once per week (I was doing every 2 weeks).
Nitrate issue: More frequent dosing (I had been dosing only after a water change.)
Oxygen issue: I reduced my water-disturbance at the surface to make sure the CO2 was getting saturated enough.

Setup specifications:
75 gallon
12 three-year old rainbows (turquoise, boesmani, trifisciata)
4 full-grown rosey barbs
2 SAEs - mid-sized
6 gardeneri killifish
2 Blue rams
3 dwarf panda corycats
5 otos

Slow-growing plants so thick & tall you can't see the back of the tank. (crypts, apontegetons, dwarf sag)
PH: 6.8
3 ferts per week of: 1/2 t KNO3, 1/8 t KH2PO4, 15 ML TMG
204 watts of standard flourescent (2.72 watts per gallon)

After typing all of this out, I'm wondering if I'm overpopulated. One thought is there isn't enough room for everyone to swim around, but I don't think that's it because the killies fit anywhere -- they tend to live in the thick plants.

So, I'd love to hear some opinions. And please feel free to ask me questions that I may not have answered with the above information.

Thanks in advance!
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