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Fish Dork's 80

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Well, long time listener, first time caller... Been here for a while but never posted any pics of my tank. This is my first attempt at a planted tank and I am actually going to tear this down soon for a new scape. This one did not have much of a hardscape, the DW in the left corner was added in about 4 months ago. The tank is about a year and a half old. The specs:

Tank: 80 US gallon
Lights: 4 x 54 T5 HO
Filtration: Pengiun 350, Rena XP3 just added, I have a second XP3 that will be switching out the HOB
CO2: pressurized, 3 BPS through a DIY reactor fed off the canister filter
Substrate: Peat moss and sand with clay (kitty litter balls) added in later, capped with black gravel.

Cardinal, Black Skirt, Rummy Nose Tetra
German Blue Rams
Aus. and Dwarf Rainbows
False SAE
Amano and Ghost Shrimp
Tiger Barb (1 remains as a lone survivor from the once strong pack that all got sick, I miss these guys)
Varying snails

American Vals
Java and Fissiden Moss
Anubius Coffeefolia
Aquatic Fern
Unknown Crypt
Hygro Difformis and Polysperma
Java and Windelov Fern
Rotala Macrandra
Rotala Rotundifolia

Also varying types of algae I'm always attempting to keep at bay.

The idea was really to try to learn how to grow plants. I've had success with some and with some, not so much. Here's some recent pics.

Full Tank

Left Side

Right Side

Some Fish Pics

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Looks really good to me. Did you start out with co2 or put it in at some point?
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