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fish for 10 gallon. advice.

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Hi am wondering what kind of I should get for my 10 gallon. I really like apistos, but I am afraid that they are too big. is there a smaller kind of apisto? if not, I would like some kind of schooling fish that will breed easily. thanks!:D Everyone post please!:D
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depends what you like. Neons, rummy noses, rasboras, any small fish really.

if you want easy breeding fish go for the guppies.
Pygmy rasboras, celestial pearl danios, white clouds, etc.
Sometimes fish that school perfectly well in a larger tank, just do not show the schooling behavior in a tank as small as a 10 gallon. Often they just scatter about.

The only apisto I would keep in a ten gallon is Apistogramma borellii. If you don't have other tanks that you want to move fry into to grow out I would only keep one male. The males are very beautiful.

I've also kept a group of eight pygmy corydoras in a 10 gallon. The females get to about an inch and the males only 3/4". I really like the golden WCMMs, but found them to be more sensitive than the regular WCMM.
Tex Gal's suggestions are all very good ones, and as Mud Pie Mama said, pygmy cory's are another good option.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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