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Fish for a fast current

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I have a new heavly planted 30 Gal tank being filtered with an ehiem 2028 which is a bit of over kill. I was thinking of putting Black phantom tetras in it. Do you think they will be ok since I have a fairly high current in the tank. If not any suggestions?
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i like the green swordtails they would be very natural in the tank.
how about some barbs or maybe some larger rainbows.

good luck
Wow, that's a super filtered tank... LOL!

Another fish that likes a lot of current is the glass catfish (Kryptopterus bicirrhis), so that would be an option too.
loaches and rainbows, hands down IMO :)

or go collect some darters, though they prefer cooler water.

:D usually has an excellent selection of riverine loaches, and a really good reputation as good online source for fish.
I went with rumming noses and one peppered cory. I carved out 3x more holes in my spray bar so It slowed the current a bit in the tank. Its still pretty fast but we will see how it goes.
isnt there a gate that you can close a little bit like the Rena XP# series has?
My Oto cats love the current and part of their mating behavior is swimming upstream against the current.
I have a 55gal that has a rena xp3 on it. I use to run it wide open, my rummy nosed tetras and rainbows never had a problem with it.
Dwarf Chain Loaches, these guys are awesome and stay small, ~2.5"

A group of 7-10 would be great in that tank.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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