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is pleased to announce the 2nd Aquarium Photo Contest.

This Contest is open to anyone anywhere in the world.

This year we will have 5 catagories as follows.
>1. Single Freshwater Fish, Invert, or Plant photo
>2. Single Saltwater Fish, Invert, or Macroalgae Photos
>3. Freshwater Planted or Biotope Aquascape
>4. Freshwater Artificial (Plastic plants, wood, rock) Aquascape
>5. Saltwater Reef Aquascape

PRIZES will consist of

Donated from Http://

Lighting system made by jbj lighting
aquamedic co2 diffusor
aquamedic bubble counter
A regulator and sms 122

Milwaukee instruments Donation

Ph 51 ph testers

More donations will hopefully be forthcoming!!

Our 3 Judges are ______________________________

TSUNAMI aka Carlos
>2la - 2latop
>Ghazanfar Ghori


For Full details rules and all of that other technical stuff please visit
this thread

Thank you,


Enter the 2005 Photo contest and win lighting, co2 supplies and more.
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