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Hi guys,

Currently my tank is stocked with 13 Spotted Rasboras, 5 Gertrudae Rainbows, 4 Threadfins, 3 Pygmy Cories, 5 Otos, and 1 Dario Dario. The spotted rasboras seem too shy with the other fish around, hiding a lot.

So I'm thinking of moving the spotted rasboras into a different tank. Then restocking the tank with 10 Gertrudae Rainbows, Threadfins, and Pygmy Cories each. Also getting 3 dario darios total with 3-5 CPDs. What do you guys think of the mixture of fish?

I'm really sad the spotted rasboras didn't work out. They added some great looking red to my tank when they actually came out =/
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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