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Okay, it's that time again for the "weekend at Bernie's" at The Fish Store just north of Chattanooga, TN! Some folks will be coming in on Friday, 1/28/04, and the last gathering I attended in July, we all went to dinner that night at Porto Fino's (awesome), and hung around that evening. The Best Western in Dayton is very close to The Fish Store, and reasonable. It is near many restaurants and super WalMart to get just about anything you need. It's a lot of fun when folks from the gathering all stay at the same place. On Saturday, the real frenzy starts. Lots of pictures are taken and hugs are given. There are a lot of oooohhhs and aaahhhhhs heard while looking at the fish and plants everybody brings, and Bernie's stuff is also awesome! Now that there is also a Smokey Mountain Aquarium Society, there will probably be another auction, and the opportunity to become a member to that as well. The cookouts are usually on that Saturday around 1:00, and no one complains about being hungry! Sunday usually winds down and everyone says their goodbyes and gets their goodies. It is a great time had by all, and well worth a road trip. It gets bigger each time as new folks hear about it and attend. I live 10 hours away and fly, and I challenge any of you too far away to drive (Off-Ice, Loachaholic, Annie, Tenojin.......hint hint) to try to make the trip as well. It would be so nice to finally talk to you in person! And don't forget to bring goodies (bananas, grapes, blueberries, zucchini.....) for Bubba and Junior!

Here's what is currently being discussed about the January Gathering:

Southeast January Gathering

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Okay, here's the latest:

AquaticEnterprises said:
I've spoken with Bernie, and he's graciously offered to let any of us use his tanks for holding fish if need be after the auction. Here's a flexible itinerary for the weekend:

12-2:30pm Cookout and Socializing
2:30-3:30 (or thereabouts) Auction Time!!
4:00 Leave for Chattanooga to visit the Aquarium
5:00-whenever they kick us out- have fun at the Aquarium

We'll probably head back to Bernie's place at this point and do whatever we wish from there. I'll leave that up to you guys!

12:00-whenever- Socializing!

Sunday I'd like to leave open for everyone to just hang out and enjoy themselves. No plans, no timetable...just relax, kick back and enjoy yourself.

For anyone bringing things for auction, please read the auction rules on the homepage:

For everyone who is a current member, as per my promise at the last Gathering, I will begin everyone's membership as of 1/05-that means we all have a full membership starting this month!

A mini-newlsetter will be coming shortly, with a true, full newsletter to follow in the next couple of months. We're still seeking input from all the club members for articles. Don't be shy folks!

Please let me know if there are any questions or suggestions. Thanks!
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