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Fishy Lover's Gathering near Chattanooga, Tennessee

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This was originally started with a few folks from FishGeeks, and it has grown to a pretty big group of folks! Every 3 months folks gather at The Fish Store and buy, sell, trade, fish and plants! The next one is 10/23 & 10/24. Doc Friday will be there with beautiful discus for sale, as well as Jake and Carol (known as wrenchpuler on FishGeeks), with african cichlids, bettas, and probably some koi angels. I think there will also be another breeder called Aquatic Enterprises, but I am not sure what he will be bringing. I live in Florida, and have attended twice. I fly up for the weekend, but will not be attending again until January. It is so worth your while to be there. They are planning a cookout for Saturday, and possibly another trip to the Tennessee Aquarium as a group. It's a great way to get some great fish and plants from friends in the hobby, and to meet a lot of folks who love aquaria! Plan to be there if you can!

Southeast FishGeeks Gathering

Pictures from the July Gathering
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Anyone from this board going? :lol:
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