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Floating plants

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This might sound a bit unrealistic - but I'm looking for an easy grow floating plant that also does not block out light as I've got some wisterias, bacopa C, vesicularis/Xmas moss and egaria densa growing from the substrate. Its a low-tech tank w/ moderate lighting and only on liquid ferts (Micro and macro). Soft water, neutral ph and fully cycled. Got some amanos and a few barbs. 20G.

The objective is to give a homely area for my honey gouramis.

I've already read some articles and posts, but they all warn floaters blocking out light for others. This isn't something I want. Would duckweed or frogbit work if I keep them limited to a section with relatively low light (Under the filter drip trey)?
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Duckweed or Salvinia, or others, will work because you can thin it out as you desire. A fine-leaved stem plant can also work, such as the very fine pond weeds/plants (Zannichelia sp., "Guppy grass", Najas sp., Potamogeton pectinatus, etc.).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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