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Floating plants

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This might sound a bit unrealistic - but I'm looking for an easy grow floating plant that also does not block out light as I've got some wisterias, bacopa C, vesicularis/Xmas moss and egaria densa growing from the substrate. Its a low-tech tank w/ moderate lighting and only on liquid ferts (Micro and macro). Soft water, neutral ph and fully cycled. Got some amanos and a few barbs. 20G.

The objective is to give a homely area for my honey gouramis.

I've already read some articles and posts, but they all warn floaters blocking out light for others. This isn't something I want. Would duckweed or frogbit work if I keep them limited to a section with relatively low light (Under the filter drip trey)?
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I prefer larger floaters such as water lettuce and frogbit that are easy to contain inside barrier which I constructed from airline hose and tied the barrier ring to a piece of sinking anchor with a fishline. Their roots are long and serve as breeder mops for fry and surface dwellers to hide. I will stay away from small floaters such as Duckweed, Azolla and Salvinia which can multiply and escape out of control, and hard to get rid of if one decides not to keep. Besides they have short roots not of much use for hiding.


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