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Power Compact lights and WPG ratio

I am setting up my first planted tank and I was wondering if my lighting will be too intense.
I have a 15 gallon tank and I am putting a 130watt Power Comapct light with two day bulbs in them, no blue lights. Each bulb is 65W. I bought the Jebo Odyssea 24". I am not using a lid, but having the light on legs with an open top. That would be over 8 Watts per gallon? Too intense? Will I have a major algae problem?
The substrate I think I will use is all Flourite or perhaps a flourite base and top with 1-3mm gravel/sand.
I have had various fresh water fish/aquariums since I was 10, but never a "planted" aquarium. I have only had a few live plants, but in an only gravel substrate.
The plants I have already are 2 ANUBIAS BARERI REG. 2 ANUBIAS NANA REG. 2 JAVA FERNs 2 BOIVINIANUS 2 CRYPTOCORYNE BLASSI 1 ANUBIAS (the smaller kind?) Will these die under those light conditions? Could I use dusck weed as a type of filter to lower the intesity?
I have two Gourami's, a yellow bushy/bristle nose pleco and two marble snails going in there as fish (so far).
What do you guys think?
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