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Flourish Excel got rid of all my algae

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Well I finally found a local source of Flourish Excel. I was in the process of adding it into my tank when my little girl ran into me from behind. Needless to say I dumped quite a bit in. At least 5 times the recommended doseage. 2 days later my bba, spot, and green fuzz algae is gone. No sign of it anywhere. I think I like this stuff!
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I setup a new 55g tank recently and were having BBA,hair algae everywhere(I mean everywhere from plant to equipment), I over dose Flourish Excel 3X and 2 days later, all the algae just turned red and then pale and die off, however my Ceratophyllum demersum,Vallisneria americana just melted away,and my Hemianthus callitrichoides turned yellowish and were also dying.The rest of the plant(Rotala wallichii,Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata,Blyxa Japonica,Nuphar Japonica,Limnophila sessiliflora) and critters(Amano,cherry shrimp,cardinal)were fine though.

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