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Flourish Excel got rid of all my algae

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Well I finally found a local source of Flourish Excel. I was in the process of adding it into my tank when my little girl ran into me from behind. Needless to say I dumped quite a bit in. At least 5 times the recommended doseage. 2 days later my bba, spot, and green fuzz algae is gone. No sign of it anywhere. I think I like this stuff!
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I'm using a 1.5% glut solution, dosing as per flourish excel instructions daily for around 3 weeks now. I had brown algae on plant leaves, it is now gone. Now I'm mostly getting a green "film" (maybe hair, but it really forms as a film) on top level leaves.

The way I apply the glut is with a sprayer, so most of it falls directly over those leaves that are getting the green algae.

Is the glut "feeding" that algae?

Anyone had a similar experience?
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